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  • S16B DualFlex

    Company:   MOBOTIX

    The S16B from MOBOTIX is a weatherproof system that stands out first and foremost for the extremely flexible installation options it offers. Two senso...

  • SAFEnet

    Company:   Monitor Dynamics

    SAFEnet is a patented open architecture access control solution with a flexible/customizable framework security command and control operating system.

  • Sales Intelligence

    Company:   WeSuite

    See your company’s sales story displayed in a meaningful dashboard based upon metrics from your database & choose filters to focus on the information ...

  • SALTO XS4 GEO Cylinder

    Company:   SALTO Systems Inc.

    Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform, the SALTO GEO range of electronic cylinders are compact in size, making them an ideal solution for almos...

  • SALTO XS4 Mini Escutcheon

    Company:   SALTO Systems Inc.

    The XS4 Mini escutcheon is easy-to-install which makes it simple for security professionals to upgrade and replace mechanical key-operated locks with ...

  • SALTO XS4 Original Escutcheon

    Company:   SALTO Systems Inc.

    Designed with the latest RFID access control technology, the XS4 Original wireless lock is stylish yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use wi...

  • Secudium IoT

    Company:   SK infosec

    Secudium IoT is a "Converged Security Platform for Multi-Threat" that responds to new digital security threats by all digital information incoming fr...

  • Security Intelligence

    Company:   Bold Group

    Cybersecurity solutions for security dealers and central stations. Monitor the health and availability of customers’ IoT devices with Network navigato...

  • SedonaOffice and AlarmBiller

    Company:   Bold Group

    Billing software for security dealers and central stations. These secure, scalable, and paperless platforms help you write proposals, schedule work or...

  • Sentiel by Active Guardian

    Sentiel by Active Guardian Sonitrol is introducing a new gunshot detection solution, powered by technology from Active Guardian. The product delivers a detection range of 150 feet in diameter, & with...

    Updated 6 months ago

  • SF1008-WP

    Company:   ZKTeco USA

    Outdoor & Vandal Resistant Facial Recognition Reader. Recognition in <0.3 seconds, 8" touch screen, and anti-spoofing algorithm.

  • SG3 Optical Swing Glass

    Company:   Gastop LLC

    Perfect design, advanced technical Solutions. Typical usage: passenger traffic ticket and access control points, airports/seaports, authorized personn...

  • Show Special! AutoBiller Plus

    Company:   Micro Key Solutions

    • Casanova 604

    Most Affordable, Reliable and Easy to Use RECURRING BILLING & SERVICE SOFTWARE for the Security Alarm Industry. An All-In-One System that Grows Profit...

  • Sielox AnyWare

    Company:   Sielox LLC

    AnyWare is a simple, scalable design suitable for a variety of security environments managing access control applications with up to 40 doors. Control...

  • Sielox CLASS (Crisis Lockdown Alert...

    Company:   Sielox LLC

    Sielox CLASS™ is a unique software solution that dramatically improves emergency notification and response capabilities, saving time and potentially s...

  • Sielox innovative wireless lock...

    Company:   Sielox LLC

    Allegion and ASSA ABLOY wireless lock solutions seamlessly integrate with the Sielox Pinnacle system to provide a cost effective and scalable access c...

  • SIOUX MEMS PRO2 fence-mounted system

    Company:   CIAS Security Inc

    SIOUX PRO2 fence-mounted intrusion detection system is CIAS innovative solution for protection of high-risk sites, comprising kits of MEMS sensors mon...

  • Site Survey

    Company:   WeSuite

    Site Survey allows security sales professionals to create simple to elaborate job site surveys on their tablets or laptops. Users visually represent a...

  • Skim Scan ATM POS credit card skimmer...

    Skim Scan instantly detects hidden skimmers in ATMs, gas pumps, kiosks, vending machines, smart meters and POS retail terminals. No hardware installat...

  • SM-6300 reader IC

    Thanks to the embedded certified secure element (SE), the SM-6300 is ideal for ID and IoT applications with the highest security requirements. The r...

  • Smallest 4G video door phone

    Company:   AlarmSecur.com

    This 2MP Video Door Phone NO WiFi required, will send you and anyone you added in the mobile app a direct video link. In the app you can activate FAC...

  • Smart CO2 Control for Indoor...

    Company:   OWLTECH Security Inc.

    More Efficient, Robust, and Easier to Use Helpful for balanced plant growth

  • Smart Home Security with integrated...

    Company:   AlarmSecur.com

    Complete Alarm Security solution with integrated with Camera. Any sensor triggered device will send push notification to your phone including 13 +...

  • Smart media pole

    Company:   J - LIGHTING

  • SMART-51 ID Card Printer

    Company:   IDP Card Printers

    • 18059

    Fast and Reliable ID Card Printer IDP’s new SMART-51 is the next generation of its mid-range ID Card Printer platform. The SMART-51 inherits the mos...

  • SMART-70X Laser Personalization System

    Company:   IDP Card Printers

    • 18059

    SMART-70X is a laser engraver module of IDP’s SMART-70 Series ID card printer. Equipped with laser engraving capability, SMART-70X is a perfect solut...

  • SMART-Portable ID Card Printer

    Company:   IDP Card Printers

    • 18059

    IDP’s SMART Portable ID Card Printer is equipped with multi-functional SMART-51’s printer engine. Instantly issue the high-quality ID cards anywhere, ...

  • smoke detector

    10 Year battery operated Meet UL217 8th Edition

  • Smoke Detector Lifter (Wireless)

    Company:   REEL TECH

    REEL TECH supply smoke and fire detector lifter. You can change and maintain smoke and fire detector on the ground level. You can save money and time ...


    Company:   OWLTECH Security Inc.

    Outdoor 1.5mile 900Mbps Solar Power Microwave Transmission Device. Support 500/1000mA load, 3 days continuous work at underdark environment. 5.8 G no ...

  • Solo 365

    Company:   SDi

    The newest addition to the Solo product line – Solo 365 is the latest advancement in smoke detector testing. It delivers smoke via smoke cartridges of...

  • Sonitrol Network Protection Powered by Cisco Meraki

    Sonitrol Network Protection Powered by Cisco Meraki Sonitrol Network Protection powered by Cisco Meraki is an advanced firewall solution to protect your network from daily cyber threats, including...

    Updated 6 months ago

  • SR-1000F

    Company:   Magos Systems

    The SR-1000 is Magos’ long range addition to our advanced and cost effective perimeter protection detection solutions. The SR-1000 is most suited for ...

  • SR-250F

    Company:   Magos Systems

    Magos’ SR-250 is our most cost-effective perimeter protection solution for smaller sites not requiring long-range detection without compromising on de...

  • SR-500F

    Company:   Magos Systems

    Magos’ SR-500 is our most advanced radar and the most cost effective perimeter protection solution for both rural and more saturated environments, wit...


    Company:   STANLEY Security

    HQ is part of STANLEY’s investment in technology that creates the foundation for the next generation of security and streamlines processes to save you...

  • STANLEY IntelAssure, Powered by Viakoo

    Company:   STANLEY Security

    The Next Generation of Service Assurance is here. STANLEY IntelAssure™ utilizes intelligent automation to: - DETECT security system problems for imme...

  • STANLEY Network Protection

    Company:   STANLEY Security

    STANLEY Security’s Network Protection, powered by Cisco Meraki keeps your network, devices and data safe from daily cyber-attacks. This advanced firew...

  • Surveillance Control Cable

    From CCTV Cable, Alarm Cable, and Lan Cable to the multi-selection

  • SWIFT - Smart Wireless Integrated Fire...

    SWIFT® wireless includes addressable detectors that provide secure, reliable communication to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) across a Class A mes...

  • Symmetry Blue Bluetooth Reader

    Company:   AMAG Technology

    The Symmetry™ Blue Bluetooth reader range and mobile application provides secure access control using a mobile device. Users can use their mobile devi...

  • Symmetry Control Room

    Company:   AMAG Technology

    Symmetry Control Room provides a single operational window for situational awareness and managing video, alarms and events. Monitoring Symmetry’s plat...

  • Symmetry GUEST Kiosks

    Company:   AMAG Technology

    Symmetry GUEST operates on a PC, tablet or smartphone, making it easy to manage data anywhere, anytime. It also comes pre-installed in three kiosk sty...

  • System Sensor L-Series Low Frequency...

    The L- Series offers the most versatile and easy- to- use line of low frequency sounder and sounder strobes in the industry. With white and red plast...