ISC West
March 22-25, 2022
Sands Expo, Las Vegas

ISC West Exhibitor FAQs

  • ISC West has adopted several exhibitor best practices based on industry standards. By taking advantage of these recommendations, your organization will help ensure a safer experience for all attendees and customers. Please note that these recommendations may be revised and supplemented to ensure compliance with state, local and venue requirements. The Exhibitor Manual will be updated periodically to provide clear guidance on recommendations and requirements for Exhibitors. The following guidelines will help in the planning of your booth space:
  • Space Layout & Design: Keep physical distancing in mind when creating your booth layout - maximize physical distance between exhibitor staff and visitors to the extent possible and consider occupancy guidelines
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol is required to be available within every exhibit booth
  • One-Way Traffic: For larger island and peninsula booths it is recommended to establish one-way traffic flow with marked entrances and exits
  • Throughput: Control the scale, size and timing of meetings or gatherings within your space; avoid creating crowds
  • Dividers: Transparent dividers may be utilized in areas where people will be in close contact. These are available through Freeman.
  • Reduce Contact: Consider touchless (electronic and digital) alternatives to engagement, collateral material and giveaways
  • Signage: Incorporate signage promoting health and safety best practices and any requirements associated with your space
  • Increased Cleaning: Plan for cleaning of spaces and high-touch products or surfaces throughout the day; regularly sanitize surfaces and items with appropriate cleaning products
  • Promotional Materials: Consider individually packaged promotional materials
  • Hospitality: Contact your ISC Sales Representative or to discuss any proposed hospitality offerings in your booth and ensure they comply with the venue’s requirements

  • To calculate the recommended occupancy of a booth at any given time (in accordance with CDC Guidelines for physical distancing), divide the gross square footage of the booth by 28.3 (sq ft). This calculation equates to no more than 3 people in a 100 sq ft (10x10) booth.

  • Exhibitors have the option to purchase carpet for their booths.
  • ISC West will not be carpeting our aisles in order to aid in daily cleaning.

  • No, however, exhibitors may utilize plexiglass barriers at their discretion, particularly when appropriate distance can’t be maintained between the exhibitor and guest.  Plexiglass barriers are available for rent through our general contractor.  Please see our exhibitor manual for more information.

  • Yes, there will be hand sanitizer stations throughout the show floor.
  • It is required that exhibitors have alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol available within their booths.

  • Any product (including display trays and merchandise) that has been handled should be sanitized with a cleaning product of your choosing.
  • We advise that exhibitors factor in time for frequent disinfection between customers.
  • You can purchase professional cleaning services from SES for your booth. Please see our Exhibitor Manual for more information.

  • Yes, however, exhibitors are encouraged to minimize touchpoints whenever possible - for example, designate an individual to hand out promotional items and catalogs or use a rack instead of piles or bowls. In addition, consider individually packaged promotional materials. 

  • Yes, however, exhibitors are discouraged from consuming personal food when customers are present. Concessions will be available in the show hall and several different food options will be available. Tables and seating will be distanced and sanitized frequently throughout the show days

  • ISC West will have wider aisles, increased staff, including Safety Ambassadors who will monitor and assist with compliance with the health and safety guidelines, dedicated entrances and exits and hand sanitizing stations throughout the show floor. For more information about how we are promoting a safe and comfortable environment at ISC West, please see our Health & Safety Information page.

  • Everyone is expected to fully comply with all health and safety guidelines. Acknowledging the guidelines and agreeing to comply is a requirement of entry (See the Health & Safety Acknowledgement). Specially designated Safety Ambassadors will walk the show floor to encourage compliance and address any issues as soon as practicable. The following Health & Safety Contact phone number will be clearly noted on signage throughout ISC West to allow for reporting of any concerns or issues: 203.722.6078

  • All exhibitors will be asked to provide a back-up contact in the event that they are ill or unable to come to the show. The back-up contact will be responsible for staffing or arranging for staffing if the primary contact is unavailable. The alternate contact must produce a valid ID or Passport, which matches the name on file, in order to collect the product. In the event that neither the exhibitor or back-up contact is able to enter the show floor due to illness or quarantine, ISC West Management can be reached by contacting the Health & Safety Contact phone number posted throughout the show: 203.722.6078

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything to do with Health and Safety protocols at the show please contact: Chris Kleine, Operations Manager,  at   

  • There are various locations within a few miles of the Sands Expo where you can receive a COVID-19 test. Please use the Nevada Health Response Website to find the closest location to schedule your test.The Sands Expo address is:

    The Sands Expo address is:

    Sands Expo Convention Center
    201 Sands Avenue
    Las Vegas, Nevada, 89169

The Venetian Resort and Sands Expo & Convention Center maintains an extensive health & safety plan for all events, including ISC West. For more information and details, please visit: