We recognize the importance and reality of ISC West now taking place in July, and that it may have major impacts on your business. We would like to offer a complimentary service for you where we can begin connecting you directly with buyers RIGHT NOW, so we have asked our buyers to share any solutions they are looking to purchase at this time, as well as any Open Projects they’re working on through 2021.

Please review our list of collected Open Projects here and select the project(s) below that your business may have a solution or technology to offer that meets this open project’s demand. If possible, please elaborate on the technology further. From there, our team will share your contact information provided below with our buyers so that they may reach out to you directly.

Please Note: Due to privacy concerns, we cannot reveal the buyer’s organization name. Our team will be sharing your business’ contact information with the selected buyer, so note that it is up to the buyer to make direct contact with you. If you have any questions around this program, please contact your ISC Sales Representative or Sharon Kelley at