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Drones & Robotics Security: What You Need to Know

Info about the latest drones and counter-drone technologies at ISC West

Technology follows a certain timeline. When it's introduced, its developers are the ones that are most interested. After that, the product becomes a fad, riding along the hype cycle. Then finally, it shows applicability and real-world success stories, and a larger population takes notice. That's where drones & robotics currently sit, according to Jack Wu, co-founder and CEO of Nightingale Security. They are exhibiting within the Unmanned Security Expo section of ISC West, and he'll be speaking at the event about aerial robotics and explains some of their upsides:

Wu adds that drones are primed to serve three types of missions:

The practical usages are still emerging.  ISC West not only offers the necessary exposure and stimulus for that to happen, but also helps with ongoing product development. Since products need to be continually responsive, customer feedback is a key source for changes. "They'll tell us problems, and we can figure out how to solve it," Wu says.

ISCWest Unmanned Drone

While using drones is still new, here's an even newer and urgent consideration: counter-drone security. Pablo Estrada is Vice President of Marketing at Dedrone. The company will be exhibiting at ISC West and speaking in the Unmanned Security Theater and its CEO, Joerg Lamprecht, will also be speaking on how organizations can protect themselves. The fundamentals of radar and radiofrequency already exist—it's the application that's new. "That's one thing people will learn this year," Estrada says.
Estrada says that there were two pivotal drone threat incidents from last year: the attack on Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro and the shutdown of Gatwick Airport. He notes that both highlighted the need to not be caught flatfooted when faced with these emerging and often unpredictable risks.

One challenge is that while traditional security has involved cameras, sensors, and people monitoring, it hasn't focused on the sky. "You need to look up," Estrada says. Many people are surprised at how many drones actually exist in an airspace, especially since they can't always be seen. The first step is to raise that awareness and understanding what potential threats they possess, across a variety of public safety and commercial environments.

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Knowledge becomes the vital defense. With that, smarter decisions can be made. In just one example, if a company is working on a potential merger and detects a spy drone, visiting executives should be discreet with their presence. After that, it's about technology.
Unmanned Security Expo @ ISC West focusses on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Robotics & Vehicles (UGVs), counter-drone solutions and the various software and applications that support them. The market growth for drones and robotics being used for security & public safety benefits is progressing at a rapid pace, with the number of both commercial and consumer drones registering with the FAA causing an urgent concern for air space security, while harnessing the technology to improve security and safety functionality.

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